CHEOONmeets real in itself, In order to be true, for "new skin philosophy" concept,

uses the balanced wisdom of the Oriental grass pure power,

With pharmacology, modern science and technology,

Start from the source, develop the skin care plan for the problem skin, realize the natural beauty skin.

Suji new ideas

life enjoys pleasure in the pursuit of the balance philosophy of naturalism, and
meets the true self of freedom and protects the beauty of ecology.


world and I, and all things and I are one.
meets freedom and I'm


Freedom is the essence of pure ,
return to the way, in the heart of
, all free to explore attitude,
heart Weiyang, Party income.


is the beauty of heaven and earth, to the reason of all things.
protects the beauty of ecology.


pure soul against flashy images, comfortable heart close to nature, the reduction of
ecological origin, life and growth in nature of all things.

belongs to the Oriental beauty, never be satisfied
adhering to the Oriental women of Suji is beautiful desire,
CHEOON of South Korea focused Oriental beauty
concentrated on Suji, develop, research and innovation.

, the richest East, has amazing, long history and culture and traditional skills.
is rich in natural herbaceous plants. Its natural gift is precious.

is the perfect realization of the Oriental Suji pure and flawless, Chinese herbal medicines
CHEOON select magnolia, Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng and other rare and pure,
condensate extraction Zhen Lian, repeated verification, and made the most effective security Quanzhuo formula.
power of every female, the perfect realization of healthy and pure beauty Suji desire.

beauty, as you can see, is also what CHEOON sees.

2018, I met
really free, open exclusively for your new ideas respectively.

meets mountain villages and sunset
stroking soil and snowflake
cut from primary
to the end to

since ancient times,
nature always contains infinite value.
in the East,
people use traditional skills,
will naturally breed natural herbs in the natural essence of
for health and beauty.

CHEOON believes that since ancient times,
each kind of herb essence contain the active ingredient
precious, pure
through high-tech extraction, another way of giving

The ratio of

makes the skin effect double presentation,
is the world's magnificent skin art.

to the net Ganoderma lucidum
twenty years pregnant, to the United States.
sails washed, meet the pure.

After to Jen Magnolia
breathes unflawed energy,
is confident, and delivers beauty.

we choose safe and high-quality materials to
as the core of Chinese herbal medicines, never add ingredients parabens preservatives, UV absorbers, pigments, ethanol,
mineral oil, to avoid the use of a burden on the skin may be raw materials from the herb inspire creativity,
enjoy the one and only the skin care experience,
to achieve the ultimate health Suji beauty.


in technology for mystery Since the establishment of the

CHEOON, a deep understanding of women's health and beauty cognition and demand, which is committed to redefine the beauty of suji.

in South Korea's top research institutions found new techniques and methods through
"philosophy to interpret the humanizing new ideas" ,
found in skin technology.

, we not only cooperate with excellent universities,
, Korean authoritative state institutions,
industry R & D Application institutions, and get many patent licenses, but
constantly demonstrates the superiority of products to consumers.

CHEOON part of cosmetics application innovation patent certificate
patent No. 10-1367817
patent No. 10-1378789
patent No. 10-1374213
patent No. 10-1384756
patent No. 10-1002012 patent

The use of in the development of LAMELA CRYSTAL technology skin penetration of particles in similar structure
add natural ingredients,
because of this stick,
implements the microbial inhibition science and
, non irritating natural extract
protein science, integration of science and other 4 kinds of advanced science and technology,
is in the leading position in the application of skin care in the field of.

in quality control, verification and formula safety,
has been carried out according to the high standard.
application in CHEOON of each product,
embodies a sincere emotion ingenuity,
all resonate with you, the awakening of beauty.


research partner in excellent medicine and technology:
Pohang Industrial University, Korean Academy of science and technology, Daegu Korean Medical University, and so on;
cosmetology industry R & D partner:
Jianguo University, Kwangju women's University, and so on;
authoritative national agency inspection and evaluation partner:
science and Technology Development Institute, South Korea Gyeonggi skin Clinical Science Research Institute, Kyung Hee University skin Biotechnology Center etc..