CHEOON Refining Radiance Essence

Refining Radiance Essence
Origin :Korea
Official guidance price:$ 30.00
Net content:30mL
Suitable skin:Any skin, especially for dry and dumb skin

Usage method:

Take the right amount of product, gently apply the skin texture from the inside to the outside, then gently pat the skin with the palm to promote absorption.

Product features:

Using the mild formula, this product daub moment quickly penetrate into skin, and is rich in h. cordata, ganoderma lucidum, pomegranate and other natural extract ingredients and composition of magnolia bark extract such as patent, can brighten skin and skin appear light shine.In addition, the polypeptide components such as acetyl 6 peptide -8, 3 peptide -1 cu, palmitin 4 peptide -7 and palmitoyl tripeptide -1 can effectively bind the skin, making the skin more silky and moist.