VC Snow Essence Powder
Origin :Korea
Official guidance price:$ 26.00
Net content:3g
Suitable skin:Any type of skin, especially suitable for dry and neutral skin

Usage method:

Apply vitamin C powder directly to acne marks or spots on the skin. It is recommended to use a cotton swab to apply proper amount of vitamin C powder to acne marks or spots. Use with: put essence or cream on the palm first, then pour vitamin C powder lightly, quickly blend the two together, apply on the skin.

Product features:

Fine snowflake powder: like snowflakes, fine texture, very skin-friendly. Instantly let d C powder into essence, slowly into the skin.

Essence nutrient fresh to the bottom: fresh and efficient nutrients instantly permeate to the bottom of the muscle, internal nourishment. At the same time the formation of protective film, external resistance. From the inside out, light India light spot, white skin.