The vegetarian muscle was transfected into the huanyan sheath group

The vegetarian muscle was transfected into the huanyan sheath group

The plastic appearance is compact and transparent

All kinds of herbs are blended with amino acids and peptides to release the plastic energy. Moisten every inch of skin, better repair internal damage, gradually smoothing old traces. From inside to outside, it helps skin to resist the invasion of the outside world, resulting in dull and fragile yellow skin, restoring the beauty of skin balance. It is shaped like a young and tender muscle


Origin :Korea

The core patents, compound amino acids and polypeptide components of various herbaceous plants were studied.

Suitable skin:Pigmented dark skin type

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In real life, the Eastern women's skin is in sub-health state, dark, yellow, tired and other problems emerge in endlessly.

Dispelling the yellow skin is the primary care requirement of the skin.

To solve the skin problems of Oriental women's "sick yellow" and achieve the natural ideal of prime muscle.

Spring law starts from the source, and develops ideal skin care plan for the skin.

A correct understanding of the cause of dark yellow skin:

Skin aging and aging, life and work pressure, environmental pollution, radiation of electronic products,

Ultraviolet rays, late night injuries, chemical allergies, sebum, etc.