Translucency of the prime muscle to remove the yellow plastic mask group

Translucency of the prime muscle to remove the yellow plastic mask group

The pure element rejuvenates the muscles

Agglutinin muscle advocates philosophy and explores the need for pure and healthy skin. All-around strong and moisturizing skin, soothing and resist various dark and heavy factors caused by external stimulation, Improve skin gloss, smoothness and tenderness, moisturize and moisturize, activate skin youthful, Plump and plump, the skin remodeling light feeling transparent, pure prime muscle, revitalize new life.


Origin :Korea

27/5000 Many kinds of herbal essence core patents, complex amino acids, polypeptide components are developed

Suitable skin:Pale yellow aging skin

Refining Radiance Deep Cleansing Foam, 150ml+Refining Radiance Toner 100ml + Refining Radiance Essence 30ml+ Refining Radiance Cream 50g.

In real life, the Eastern women's skin is in sub-health state, dark, yellow, tired and other problems emerge in endlessly.

Dispelling the yellow skin is the primary care requirement of the skin.

To solve the skin problems of Oriental women's "sick yellow" and achieve the natural ideal of prime muscle.

Spring law starts from the source, and develops ideal skin care plan for the skin.

A correct understanding of the cause of dark yellow skin:

Skin aging and aging, life and work pressure, environmental pollution, radiation of electronic products,

Ultraviolet rays, late night injuries, chemical allergies, sebum, etc.