Repair from internal skin

side soothe the white

CHEOON Refining Radiance Cream

skin balance aesthetic restore the beauty of the skin

City, environment, life and other pressure to bring skin irritation, aging;
CHEOON in the natural life to realize the balance.

new ideas of philosophy respectively, bring cohesion balance aesthetics
net through the balance cream for the skin.

uses a variety of patent ingredients such as Ganoderma lucidum, bark of Magnolia officinalis, polypeptides,
compound amino acids and so on.

elegant Ganoderma lucidum radix, nerves relax,
such as silky texture, light and fresh, a is, to activate
, from the inside to help the skin to resist external dark yellow
multidimensional fragile, prevent aging, improve relaxation, nourish the skin, reduce the dull dark yellow,

implements five dimensions of health

tight tender rich white translucent

restores freedom from anxiety and pressure to restore the initial balance of the skin,

blooms all the time with the confidence of the net transparency, giving you good skin.

Look at it immediately

core components and patent


(GANODERMA LUCIDUM) of Ganoderma lucidum extract, Magnolia Bark Extract (MAGNOLIA OFFICINALIS) (South Korea patent No. 10-1116852, No. 10-1179589),
Fructan (Korea fructosan patent No. 0440357), the Amino acid complex compound amino acid (South Korea patent No. 0490212);
peptide: palmitoyl three peptide -1, palmitoyl peptide -7 four six, acetyl peptide -8, three peptide -1 copper.

  • (GANODERMA LUCIDUM) of Ganoderma lucidum extract:

    1. purifies skin garbage and makes the underlying cells appear smooth, thus improving the skin's luster quality.

    2. remove dark skin color, fade yellowish, improve dull skin.

    3. anti - oxidation, anti - aging, strong skin and toughening.

  • Magnolia extract (Hou Pufen) (No. 10-1116852, No. 10-1179589) :

    1. whitening, reduce melanin production, better than arbutin.

    2. excellent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti sensitive efficacy.

    The antioxidant activity of

    3., honokiol and honokiol was 1000 times stronger than that of alpha tocopherol.

  • Amino acid complex (No. 0490212) :

    1. is easy to absorb. The amino acid is a small molecular structure, which permeates directly to the dermis cells and is easily absorbed by the skin.

    2. moisturizing, natural moisturizing factor, its moisturizing performance is 12 times that of glycerol.

    3. is antiaging and rich in vitamin A, preventing skin aging and making skin smooth and slippery.

  • fructan Fructan (No. 0440357) :

    1. moisturizes, a kind of high efficient moisturizing material that replace hyaluronic acid.

    2. freckle light skin, effectively slow down pigment precipitation, desalination and elimination of color spots, brighten skin color.

  • polypeptide:

    * three -1:
    palmitoyl peptides promote collagen, make skin smooth and elasticity, moisturizing the skin feel soft, smooth, from the inside improve dull skin, brighten skin.

    * palmitic four peptide -7:
    repel facial swelling, tighten facial skin while improving skin relaxation, making the skin smooth, solid and elastic.


    * acetylated six peptide -8:
    is able to smooth the effect of dynamic stripe, static stripe and fine lines, restore the vitality of epidermal basal stem cells, maintain skin renewal energy and improve skin quality.

    * three peptide -1 copper:
    can reduce coarse and fine wrinkles, promote keratinocyte and fibrous cell proliferation, make skin no longer fragile and sensitive, and increase skin elasticity and toughness.

How uses:

take the balance cream of the size of the Pearl, with the finger tip on the forehead, cheeks and chin position, slowly pushing out from the center to the whole face until absorption.

Suggest collocation
  • Radiance Deep Cleansing Foam
  • Radiance Toner
  • Radiance Essence